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Indeed, students experience difficulties to figure out the tridimensional anatomy of the structures from the classical education methods based on lectures and 2D-drawings.

Traditional teaching methods based on lectures and 2D-drawings often lead to difficulties for the students to mentally visualise the real-life tridimensional architecture of each anatomic structure.

This finding may also reflect that resting CD4+ T cells, which become activated, can secrete spontaneously cell-associated HIV-1 RNA and viral Ag.
This would also explain why quiescent CD4+ T cells can spontaneously secrete cell-associated HIV-1 RNA and viral Ag upon activation.

This opens a new avenue for synthesizing various analogues. Consequently, a burst on the synthesis of analogues has occurred recently by taking advantage of this reaction

This new efficient method opened up a new avenue for synthesizing various nucleoside analogues and led to a burst of activity in this field

Many data point to macrophagic dysfunctions that may account for signs and symptoms of GD

Data from a number of previous studies have suggested the possible link between macrophagic dysfunction and the signs and symptoms of GD.

Therefore, it is of great interest to early identify the underlying mutation in case of a RBD manifesting early in life

The early identification of the underlying mutation is of great interest in individuals in whom RBD manifests early on in life

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